Diffuse Axonal Injury

Diffuse axonal injury occurs in about half of all severe head traumas, making it one of the most common traumatic brain injuries. A diffuse axonal injury falls under the category of a diffuse brain injury. This means that instead of occurring in a specific area, like a focal brain injury, it occurs over a more widespread area. FullSizeRender(1)In addition to being one of the most common types of brain injuries, it’s also one of the most devastating. As a matter of fact, severe diffuse axonal injury is one of the leading causes of death in people with traumatic brain injury.


Country Roads #2

Layering atmosphere into the country road drawing. Sister Sam’s TBI story begins on a country road and a devastating accident without a witness to tell us exactly what happened. FullSizeRender

Country roads.

Drawing in progress. I’ve done several drawings depicting the isolated country road where sister Sam’s accident occurred. I want to give the reader/viewer of the graphic novel a sense of being out there on that road at night.



I’m going back through the drawings for Limbo one at a time. Re-working some (all by hand), deleting some, and thinking about what images might be missing. There are many stories contained in the story of sister Sam’s severe traumatic brain injury. I’m spending time with these images, listening to them, trusting they will tell me what’s still needed.

Sometimes I have to walk away …

Though I love working on this graphic novel project, sometimes the work is too intense and I just have to walk away. The drawing and the memories converge and vibrate inside me. I take a break, maybe take a walk … then I can return to this work. Documenting sister Sam.


Sleeping Beauty

Early on, as sister Sam transitioned from coma status to what was described as a minimally conscious state (MCS), we started calling her Sleeping Beauty. We entered the space of folk tales and fairy tales looking for comfort. Comfort medical science could not provide. Sleeping Beauty woke up.