Mookie having fun in the lake – Bald Eagle State Park – Boston Terrier joy! (quick pencil sketch at lake, ink/wash at home)FullSizeRender(3)


from the heart

The physiology of art – the mythology of heart. Somewhere in the mix of bone, flesh, feeling, and thought.FullSizeRender(2)

Quick Draws

Walking along a mowed pathway at Bald Eagle State Park – a wall of grasses, honeysuckle and brush on either side and then these tiny white flowers (weeds, wildflowers, blossoms about the size of a dime), but bright white with yellow centers.  Like tiny little fried eggs … FullSizeRender(1)

Simple, Solitary,Survivor

Walking everyday. Walking with the intent to SEE. This beautiful Iris stood alone, where no other flowers were growing, though its presence suggests that was not always the case. Solitude can be powerful and generative. Drawing it was also a chance to work on wet paper with new watercolor markers – something I haven’t done in a long time. Solitary1

In the sternum…

Anxiety – or the sensation of anxiety – resides in my sternum, then it radiates and vibrates out through my rib cage. The more convinced I am that I have nothing to be anxious about, the larger the smirk on Anxiety’s face — Anxiety loves to screw with you.FullSizeRender