Rehearsing for Dundee, Dispatch 8

Dispatches from my sabbatical #8. I’ve created a performance piece for the Graphic Medicine: Pages and Stages conference in Dundee, Scotland. The performance is a mixture of my drawings, lines from Drifting spoken by Megan Pickrell, and me performing live along with the drawings and Megan. I’ll be doing 15 minutes of what has become a longer piece. Rehearsals are going well and I think I’m about ready to roll.



2 thoughts on “Rehearsing for Dundee, Dispatch 8

  1. Hi Bill. I met you at one of Deb Margolin’s shows at Dixon Place a few years ago and found my way to your blog here while surfing about. Love your drawings and interesting to find out about Graphics and medicine link. I like the drawing of your mother. The look in her eyes…similar to a look my mother-in-law often had in her later years. Thanks, Jeannine Haas


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