Book of Smiles

Wow! More than 40 of you responded immediately to my request for smile/peace pictures. Not sure what this project will ultimately be, but it begins as the Book of Smiles. A series of quick brush drawings done with conscious breathing as part of my meditation practice. This is the first group. Thanks to  each of you! I smiled the whole time I was drawing these. 

#draw for #mentalhealth

I’m trying to let go of all the things I became during the 2016 election. I became my anger, my anxiety, my elitism, my fear … so many “becomings” that took over. Now I’m thinking about “Un-Becoming,” about getting back to some place of peace and quiet so I can act without becoming my own anger, my own hate, my “I know what’s best for you” self. I need to figure out how I can live in this world with a deeper awareness of what’s going on inside of me and around me. An awareness that will result in compassionate action. So I drew this “un-becoming” selfie while reflecting on the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh: do not maintain anger and hatred … learn to penetrate and transform them while they are still seeds in your consciousness…unbecoming