Book of Smiles.21

Thanks Sarah Elizabeth Greer! 


Book of Smiles.20

Almost fifty drawings now in the Book of Smiles Project. Reminding myself it’s not a race, no concrete goal – just part of my practice. Remembering that the human face and smile is where we find compassion, joy, peace. Thanks Shawna, Ty, Katie, Tyler &Taylor, and Maddie.

Book of Smiles.16 

If you live with anxiety, depression, OCD, (among others), and you’re anything like me, it’s very easy to become those things – or to become your anger. Too often I wake up feeling disconnected, isolated, afraid. The Book of Smiles project is about waking up and finding a reason to smile and connect. A reason like George ….

#anxiety #biology #strangers

These drawings are of me, my biological father, and one superimposed over the other. I haven’t seen him in forty years – and infrequently before that. I was able to get a recent picture of him from my brother. Understanding the complexities of anxiety (and related issues like OCD and depression) is a kind of archaeology of the body, mind, and soul.