Book of Smiles.12

Drawing these two is like trying to capture goodness in a bottle! Or maybe grace…


Book of Smiles.11

Thank you Shannon, Susan, and Kari. I know each of you as a person who puts joy into the world. I thought about that as I was drawing. 

Book of Smiles.4

I’m spending a bit more time on the drawings than I originally thought I would. Started out thinking these would be quick, almost gesture drawings. But I’m spending about 5 minutes on each one, enjoying a slightly more sustained and concentrated “seeing” process. Wondering what’s in the smile – practicing conscious breathing. 

Book of Smiles.3

Posting this one solo because of how special Melanie and David are. David is a TBI survivor. He and Melanie have two great kids and more love for each other than I could possibly capture in this drawing. Working to really see them while I was drawing was joyful. Melanie was one of the first generation of students I taught at Gannon University. Feels like we’ve know each other for several lifetimes now.